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Almost 2 decades of Microsoft Dynamics ERP implementation & consulting experience in Europe & North America – helping businesses enjoy a better way of managing their entire business.

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I have been using ETG for over ten years because they have a genuine concern for helping and understanding your business. If you’re looking for a “partner”, you need not look any further than ETG.

Michael Montgomery, Trulite Glass & Aluminum Solutions

ETG came into our implementation project taking over for another company who failed implementation. It was a bit messy and a lot of issues needed to be fixed. ETG was the partner we selected to help us through our implementation and afterwards. They did a good job picking up the pieces and putting it all together and eventually getting us to go live. They were a valuable resource and continue to be for our company.

Brad Baker, MTI, Inc. (Medical Technology Industries)

ETG Consulting has done very good implementation. We have proceed training, test, and deployment even with no problem.

Ergin Ersin, COLINS

During implementation, we needed analytical thinking, and experienced consultants that could manage and drive SMEs. ETG Consulting provided us.

Karani Yilmaz, PULVER / ELASTRON

We have launched digital transformation in health care.

Levent Ozdemir, MEDICANA

Before Dynamics, we had unconnected applications that we were maintaining which was waste of resources.

Mustafa Meral, TEV

For companies in the Polin site, all sales, project planning, reporting, production, shipping, finance (accounting, finance) processes in the project where multi-company (Intercompany) structure is implemented Microsoft ERP (Dynamics AX)It began to be used for management.













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Older adults are living happier, healthier and more connected lives thanks to Intuition Robotics and Microsoft Azure text-to-speech technology. How can Azure AI help your company make a difference? Learn from the experience of Intuition Robotics, a forward-looking company that's bringing empathy to AI-powered elder companions with cutting-edge Azure text-to-speech technology. Get the story and get inspired! @Microsoft

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The new era of AI-powered business

April 2nd, 2024|

Your ultimate efficiency and productivity accelerator 🔽 @Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects and accesses organizational data from hundreds of sources, enables sharing information and insights in the platforms you work in, and quickly modifies processes to respond to changing needs.

Will AI Fix Work?

April 2nd, 2024|

AI is poised to create whole new ways of working. How can you use AI to fix work at your organization? Findings from the @Microsoft Work Trends Index Annual Report points to 3 insights you need to adopt AI in a timely, responsible way.

🤔What is the one biggest roadblock to #efficiency inside your organization? IT talent shortage? #Techsprawl? Lack of low code tools that empower staff to build solutions? Something else? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

March 27th, 2024|

🤔What is the one biggest roadblock to #efficiency inside your organization? IT talent shortage? #Techsprawl? Lack of low code tools that empower staff to build solutions? Something else? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Introducing Microsoft Security Copilot

March 26th, 2024|

Welcome to a new era of security where human ingenuity is deployed where it matters most. Discover how Microsoft Security Copilot helps you uncover, investigate and respond to threats, then summarize your work in minutes. Watch this demo video to see Security Copilot in action — augmenting the creativity and knowledge of your security team at AI speed and scale.

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