Construction Project Management Platform : xPM

xPM is a comprehensive construction software solution built in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Financials and Operations to manage business processes of construction and project management companies with the 5 Dimensional Project Management System. All processes of a construction company, starting from business development and bidding process to planning, implementation, and all financial operations are managed easily and smoothly.

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xPM provides 5 dimensional project tracking from design stage to the closing stage. For utilization, a project specific coding system is used in line with criteria like project document properties, cost control tracking system, employer demands, project type, collection of the field data and detail level of the reports to be presented to executive management.

With MASTER PLAN prep you will be able to plan and create all tactical strategies to take you to the goals you defined in the frame of the project management plan by planning your project resources of MATERIAL, EQUIPMENT, SUBCONTRACTOR, LABOR, MONEY and TIME in the best
and most coherent way.

  • 3-Dimensional BIM Model

    Current processes in the construction sector are mostly carried out by using 2 dimensional models. The created “Model based planning methods” enable improved communication among the project parties, prevent planning mistakes, and allow  automation of the cost calculations. Detailed information on building elements of the built construction are needed for different requirements from the idea stage to the operational stage. During the preliminary design phase, volume data of the construction is needed for the construction site and energy analysis and during construction phase information like element quantities, procurement periods and cost data are needed. In this context, the BIM Model provides; The possibility to plan correctly and better manage all the stages of the design. Design coordination of all disciplines on a single model to allow for the possibility of having control of all details of the construction. This considers all the


    xPM works in a way to provide a different planning perspective for all the stakeholders of the project for activity analysis creation in an integral discipline like in the other modules. Monitor different perspectives from a single window in the work schedule programs. Construction activity information is hidden in the Gantt charts and it becomes difficult to understand those activities as a whole with the application. xPM solves this problem in the scope of the 4th dimension of the 5 dimensional project management methodology by integrating the Planning Module with Primavera, MS Project and Navisworks programs. This way, planning efficiency is improved and project control is taken to a higher level. When creating activity analysis with xPM, characteristic features of the project, the level of data collection from the field and the level of required cost control detail are taken into account, of


    5Dimensional Project Management and Monitoring System is  completed with the location quantity tables calculated with 3 dimensional design, the integrated table of discovery, cost analysis for every cost item in the table of discovery, reporting infrastructure built in line with project, employer and subcontractor characteristics and completed stage versatile reporting with comparisons. BUDGET MANAGEMENT MODULE VALUE ADDS Provides faster calculation of cost and profitability analysis with the integration of model and resource data. Provides faster integration and revision of design changes with work schedule and budget. Provides time-cost optimization at the planning stage. Financial risks can be determined faster and earlier so that those risks are minimized or prevented. Contract related problems and demands are managed effectively. Change “claims” are reduced to a minimum. A more realistic cash flow is provided. Settlement calculations are done easily as the data is saved in the

Construction Project Management modules

xPM manages the construction project and all necessary elements end to end complied with the 5 Dimensional Project Management philosophy on top of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

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